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The Jaz Regency is one of the largest and most luxurious floating hotels on the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan and offers the services and facilities of a 5 star deluxe accommodation. This cruise begins on Wednesdays and operates on the Jaz Regency or similar.

MS Jaz Regency Nile Cruises

Your accommodation will be outside cabins with shower and WC. Cabin facilities include marine satellite LCD TV, air-conditioning, mini-bar and hairdryer. Single cabins offer the same facilities and are the same size as a twin cabin. Meals may be buffet or waiter service. Normally there is a weekly oriental Egyptian buffet. Prices are per person based on 2 adults sharing a twin cabin with shower and WC. Please note: there are no cabins with balconies

Other facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Sundeck
  • Dining room
  • Bar
  • Twice weekly evening entertainment
  • Massage service
  • Whirlpool bath
  • Internet service
  • 2 souvenir shops

8 Days (7 nights) Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 - UK - Luxor
Fly direct to Luxor and join your cruiseboat on the Nile before sailing to the riverside town of Esna

Day 2
- Luxor - West Bank - Edfu
Visit the famous Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and the Temple of Queen Hatchepsut.
Ever since the 19th-century, when the first steamboats began chugging down the Nile, Luxor has been a magnet for discerning tourists eager to discover Egypt's historical delights. Built on the remains of the ancient city of Thebes, Luxor is renowned for its overwhelming profusion of archaeological relics. Nearby lies the world famous Valley of the Kings where over 700 royal sepulchres pepper the arid hillsides. Interred in sarcophagi, mummified pharaohs were sealed in stony tombs as part of their journeys to the 'afterlife'. Like an intrepid explorer, uncover the myriad of vaults and chambers that make up this vast Pharaonic resting ground. You'll also get to visit the Colossi of Memnon, an enormous pair of enthroned statues that once guarded the entrance to a long lost temple. Round off your day with one of the most impressive sights on Luxor's West Bank, the Temple of Queen Hatchepsut. Built in honour of the only woman to ever reign over Egypt as pharaoh, it's built into a cliff-face and rises up in a series of monumental terraces. Gaze in amazement at elegant columns stretching into cloudless blue skies and wonder in awe at the intricate hieroglyphic inscriptions.

Day 3 - Edfu - Kom Ombo
Visit one of the Nile's "must-see" sites - the mammoth Temple of Horus.
Dedicated to the falcon-headed sky god, the huge edifice of the Temple of Horus is perhaps the best preserved of Egypt's ancient shrines and provides an excellent insight into how temples once looked. Two giant granite falcons greet you as you pass through the colossal gateway, beyond which lies an extensive network of splendid colonnades, courtyards and sanctuaries adorned with detailed wall carvings. Sailing on to Kom Ombo, visit the fascinating Temple of Sobek. Set on the banks of the Nile, the Temple is unique in that it was dedicated to two divinities, falcon-headed Haroeris and the crocodile god, Sobek. The dual nature of the Temple is reflected in the twin entrances, chapels and halls that make up this site. Of particular note is the chapel of Hathor, home to three mummified crocodiles.

Day 4 - Kom Ombo - Aswan
Be awed by the massive Aswan dam and later enjoy a relaxed boat trip out to Elephantine Island.
Travel forward in time, visit a modern-day example of monumental construction as you sail to the spectacular Aswan High Dam. The sheer size of the barrage is sure to overwhelm you. Standing at over 300ft high, it took 35,000 workers 11 years to complete. Nearby lies one of Egypt's most enchanting sites, Philae Temple was very nearly lost forever. However, thanks to the efforts of the world heritage organisation UNESCO, the temple was removed and reassembled stone by stone on Agilkia Island. The shrine was dedicated to the cult Isis, the goddess of nature, and boasts an impressive colonnade and two enormous stone pylons replete with carved reliefs. Later, enjoy a boat ride to view Elephantine Island. Nestled among its lush palm groves are a number of Nubian houses painted bright blue, pink and yellow.

Day 5 - Aswan - Esna
A day to relax or to take the opportunity to visit Abu Simbel.
Enjoy a morning at leisure in Aswan or alternatively join the optional excursion out to Abu Simbel to see the towering figures of gods and pharaohs which adorn the facade of the Temple of Ramses II.

Day 6 - Esna - Luxor: East Bank excursion
Your chance to visit Karnak & Luxor Temples.
The Temple of Karnak never fails to evoke wonder and amazement. This expansive site incorporates no fewer than three shrines as well as a myriad of obelisks and monuments. Make sure you take a look at the enormous Hypostyle Hall - boasting over 130 soaring papyrus-shaped columns, it covers an area big enough to house both St Paul's Cathedral in London and St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Returning to Luxor, visit the architectural masterpiece that is Luxor Temple. Follow an avenue of sphinxes down to the shrine itself and discover its elegant array of courtyards and chapels overlooking the sparkling waters of the Nile.

Day 7 - Luxor - Qena - Luxor
Sailing on to Qena, explore the remains of the Temple of Denderah.
Built in honour of the cow-headed Egyptian goddess of love, Hathor, the great Temple of Denderah is actually a Roman creation. Built during the Roman occupation, it emulates traditional Egyptian architectural styles but with a Latin twist. Make sure you take a look at the famous astronomical ceiling in the Hypostyle Hall. Its symbolic representation of heavenly bodies and signs of the zodiac offers a unique insight into ancient Egypt's solar rituals and cults.

Day 8 - Luxor - UK
Your cruise along the Nile comes to an end in Luxor where you'll be transferred to the airport for your return flight to the UK. Alternatively, choose to extend your holiday in Egypt.

Please be aware that it may be necessary to change the order or content of cruise itineraries from time to time, although we will endeavour to visit all the sites listed. Your final itinerary will be confirmed upon arrival by your cruise rep.


Duration in Nights
Full Board
13 Feb - 28 Mar
29 Mar - 30 Apr
01 May - 30 May
06 Jun - 04 Jul
05 Jul - 18 Jul
19 Jul - 21 Aug
22 Aug - 28 Aug
29 Aug - 25 Sep
26 Sep - 24 Oct
25 Oct - 31 Oct
01 Nov - 20 Nov
21 Nov - 11 Dec
12 Dec - 17 Dec
18 Dec - 19 Dec
26 Dec - 28 Dec

Prices per person in £’s including UK Airport passenger duty. Departures from Gatwick & Manchester.


Please note that there maybe child age restrictions on this cruise.

*Throughout June the cruises will be sailing from Esna to Aswan and back to Esna, a number of the excursions will be by road. This is due to the Esna Lock being closed*

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Adults 16+

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MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency

MS Jaz Regency




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