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Egypt Travel

By : Manuel Rivers    29 or more times read
Submitted 2010-02-07 04:39:26

What is your definition of traveling to new places? Well, if you ask this question to different people you will certainly come across different answers because everybody has a different definition of travel and trips they make. Some like relaxing at the beach, while some prefer climbing and trekking high mountains, while some prefer to go and dig the past to know answers to the questions that have always baffled them. Egypt is one country that has been an ideal location for those who like to know more about the past and the evolution of eastern civilization.

You may not be aware of this but Egypt is among the top destinations for tourism in the world and more than a million visit this hot and sandy country to checkout the pyramids and other architectural wonders that were made without the use of any scientific tools. Since Egypt lies between Asia and Africa it became one of the major locations that would connect people and civilizations between these two continents. The strategic location of Egypt soon led to the rise of Egyptian empire and many pharaohs and kings ruled the country and constructed engineering marvels.

Today, people prefer to visit Egypt and checkout the Nile River valley which is supposed to be the lifeline of Egypt. Apart from the pyramids and the Sphinx, people who are travelling to Egypt prefer to halt at Harghada which is a small city that has developed itself to the requirements of international visitors. Hence, you will find many small and big holiday resorts where you can halt when you are on Egypt tour. The city is also very close to the Red Sea Coast and therefore people can checkout beautiful scenic landscapes. If you love photography than you will be busy clicking pictures of yellow golden color sand and blue water that reflect with a contrast.

While you are in Harghada you can also go ahead with scuba diving and snorkeling in Egypt. Many might not even believe that scuba diving exists in Egypt, but it really does. You can scuba dive and find some exotic fishes that you might not find anywhere else and also see many broken pieces of shipwreck and caves made by these fishes. If you don’t prefer underwater adventure than you can take a nice ferry and travel across the small islands in Egypt.

You can even visit Alexandria which is one of the most important cities in Egypt. Since Alexandria is a port city it became one of the important landmarks in Egypt and gradually people started to flock here in search of trade and job. Today you will find that this is the shopping capital of Egypt. People from all over Egypt and even international tourists come here for few days so that they can buy some eastern culture artifacts that they can carry back home as a souvenir. Normally, when people begin their tour for Egypt they feel that they have only Giza Pyramids to checkout, but it’s only when they land in Egypt that they know that the country has so much more to offer.
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